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What to Expect


What is soft tissue therapy?

Adhesions are a commonly overlooked cause of chronic pain – as they worsen, they act like glue, leading to stiffness & discomfort.

With soft tissue therapy, pressure is strategically applied while  certain parts of the body are manipulated in order to break up adhesions, allowing the body to heal & rebuild mobility.

Our treatment methods are all-natural, non-invasive, & can act as a risk-free alternative to surgeries.

what is soft tissue therapy

What to Expect

Your time is valuable. Our process is designed to get you in & out of our office quickly & in as few visits as possible.

We’re dedicated to healing chronic pain. For most clients, if noticeable improvement isn’t seen after the fifth visit, we’ll cancel remaining appointments & refer to another provider.


1. Consult

We provide a free 15-minute initial phone consultation to gauge whether or not a case might be a good fit for soft tissue therapy.

2. Exam

The initial exam & treatment appointment lasts an hour, allowing us to diagnose & thoroughly understand a client's condition.
manual therapy on hamsting

3. Treatment

Over a series of visits, we will apply the most effective treatment for your condition. Our average patient is seen for 12-16 visits over a period of 3-4 months.

4. Resolution

Once pain relief is achieved, if needed, we'll recommend a maintenance plan for sustained pain-free living.

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