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Knee Pain


Treating Knee Pain

Knees take a lot of abuse, experiencing pressure that’s 3x the body’s weight when walking & 5x the body’s weight when running. As such, the knee is the most commonly injured joint – & not just for runners. 

Because knee pain can stem from several different places, we perform a full exam of the lower back, hips, knee, ankle, & foot to pinpoint & treat the source – likely adhesions or nerve entrapment.

Our average patient has struggled with pain for more than 6 months & may have visited 2 or more other providers seeking relief. They may even be considering expensive, risky surgery in a last-ditch effort to put an end to their discomfort.


Soft Tissue Therapy

With soft tissue therapy, pressure is strategically applied while  certain parts of the body are manipulated in order to break up adhesions, allowing the body to heal & rebuild mobility.

Soft tissue therapy is all-natural, non-invasive, & can act as a risk-free alternative to painful, expensive surgeries.

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