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Elbow Pain


Treating Elbow Pain

Elbow pain is typically caused by chronic tendon inflammation & adhesion in the forearm, however, symptoms can also refer from the neck, shoulder, or nerve entrapment in the arm. 

The most common presentations are golfer’s elbow & tennis elbow, both of which occur from excessive gripping or use of the forearm muscles in general. Golfer’s elbow is related to pain at the inside of the elbow – the part of the elbow that’s closest to the midline if you hold your arm out with the palm up. Tennis elbow, by contrast, occurs on the outside aspect of the elbow.


Soft Tissue Therapy

With soft tissue therapy, pressure is strategically applied while  certain parts of the body are manipulated in order to break up adhesions, allowing the body to heal & rebuild mobility.

Soft tissue therapy is all-natural, non-invasive, & can act as a risk-free alternative to painful, expensive surgeries.

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